Maurodos Cartago 2012 - Paraje del Pozo

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  • 12394
  • Rotwein trocken
  • Spanien
  • D.O. Toro
  • 99% Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo), 1% andere Rebsorten
  • 36 Monate franz. Barrique
  • 2012
  • 14,5%
  • Enthält Sulfite. Kann Albumin und Lysozym vom Ei und Eiprotein enthalten.
Robert Parkers Wine Advocate 2017: 94 Punkte für Maurodos Cartago 2012 - Paraje del Pozo... mehr
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Robert Parkers Wine Advocate 2017: 94 Punkte für Maurodos Cartago 2012 - Paraje del Pozo

Cartago 2012, der große Bruder des San Román, ungemein fein und geschliffen für einen Toro, seidige Tannine kombiniert mit der sehr maskulinen, fast etwas rustikalen Mineralität der klassischen Toroweine. In der Nase roten Früchte und zitrische Nuancen, im Finish super lang und präzise. Ein Meilenstein für Toro!

The Wine Advocate, 229 - 28th Feb 2017 - Luis Gutiérrez - 94/100 - 2012 Maurodos - Cartago Paraje del Pozo 2017 - 2027 - $150
There is a new label from Maurodos, a 'Gran Reserva'-styled red from a single vineyard that will be launched in April 2017, the 2012 Cartago Paraje del Pozo. It is Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo) from an ungrafted 45-year-old vineyard with contained ripeness planted on sandy soils, which tend to produce the most elegant wines of the region. It also contains 10% of other more aromatic grapes. It matured in brand new French oak barrels for three years. It certainly has something in common with the 2013 San Román; it shares a slightly wild and rustic profile, with lots of iron notes and an earthy touch. The extended élevage has polished the palate and the wine has a sleek texture. The nose keeps developing in the glass, with spicier notes, aromatic herbs and things that made me think alternatively of Barolo, Bordeaux, or even of a red from Douro sometimes. The wild side definitely showed hints of leather and beef blood, somehow meaty and earthy. A noteworthy debut. 1,900 bottles and 90 magnums were produced in this first vintage.

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